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New England is home to six amazing states, all with their own unique contributions to the region. We hope this blog helps you explore New England with ease, confidence, and excitement!
Mike and Mackenzie Donovan founders of Stay New England
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Mackenzie Donovan


mackenzie donovan

I’ve always loved to travel, but rarely put New England destinations on my bucket list.

Growing up in Massachusetts, I went to the Cape each summer and the White Mountains each winter. I loved these places (still do!), but that was pretty much the extent of my local travel.

That all changed in 2011, after I studied abroad in Ireland. Every moment I had outside of the classroom was spent exploring Cork and surrounding towns. My Irish roommates joked that I had experienced more of Ireland in 6 months than they had in their entire lives. 

When I arrived back to the states, I made New England travel a priority in hopes that no tourist could put me to shame. If you’ve ever been to New England you know first hand that this wasn’t a difficult challenge – it’s easy to fall in love with this little corner of the world!

Outside of Stay New England, I’m a full-time counselor at a local High School. Having summers off is amazing for travel, but for the record, fall and winter are my two favorite seasons to explore these beautiful states.

Michael Donovan


michael donovan

I’ve been fortunate enough to visit a lot of incredible destinations over the years:

  • Brazil
  • Italy
  • Netherlands
  • Hungary
  • Dominican Republic
  • Iceland
  • Ireland
  • Spain
  • France
  • Indonesia

And while each-and-every-one of these places are beautiful in their own ways, to this day I find my own backyard of New England to be the most beautiful.

I feel lucky to live here, and I’m excited we get to share all our experiences with you!